Creative Patterns in Subway Tile for Interior Designs

Subway tiles are more than what we have known over the past few years. Instead, they come in handy when it comes to designing and redesigning interior home designs. Meanwhile, the origin of the subway tiles dates back to the first design on a newly constructed subway system in New York City, US. Now the acceptability has traveled as far as Sydney, Australia. Since the early 1900s, when they first broke into the construction industry, it can continue to thrive.

Meanwhile, the first set of subway tiles came in 3 x 6 inches size for the single purpose of decorating easy-to-clean surfaces. This need informed its use as rectangular tiles that show a safe and clean environment. If you desire to bring such beauty into your home, all you need do is to place an order for subway tiles from Tile and Bath Co, Sydney. On the other hand, many may claim to have seen different patterns; there are other creative patterns that you have not seen.

Stacked Subway Tile Pattern

The simplest way to arrange your subway tiles is the stacked pattern called the stack bond. Meanwhile, a good choice here of subway pattern is the grid style pattern, which helps you make a perfect impression. Although, this style had been popular in the past and then faded away. It is fast coming back into the interior trends with increasing uses. Irrespective of the size of tiles that you eventually share your subway tiles with, you are in the right choice.

Vertical Stacked Bond

Furthermore, stacked patterns for subway tiles are of two crucial types; the vertically stacked bond and the horizontally stacked bond. Each of these styles has a way of influencing your overall interior design. For instance, the vertically stacked bond pattern for subway tiles involves simply stacking piles of tiles on top of each other. Meanwhile, a vertically stacked version usually makes the ceiling appear much taller and more spacious than it is.

Horizontally stacked bond

On the other hand, horizontally stacking the subway tiles reveals that you prefer a contemporary design to a traditional one. Moreover, it is compatible with open shelving and a more creative beauty throughout the available space. Meanwhile, as you pursue a classic look in your subway tiles arrangement, you should also decide the age to stick. For instance, white ceramic tiles give you a light and airy design for a small space. However, combining a darker grout creates contrast and visual attraction.

Running Bond pattern

The subway tile pattern in the horizontal running bond is one of the most expected designs you will see. It is recognizable through its brick effect of alternative the tiles while running through an offset pattern. In addition, the centers of each end of the tile stagger across the centerline of the tile above it. Contractors and interior designers often refer to this style as a 50-percent offset.

While searching for a popular subway tile pattern, the running bond pattern is as classic and simple as it can get. Moreover, this symmetrical layout helps to set a stage as an adequate background in your home interior lean more about the symmetrical layout here. The running bond pattern also has another advantage; it can stand the test of time. This tile pattern has been around for a long time, so people do not consider it old anymore. In other words, it cannot be outdated, except you choose to do away with it.

Herringbone pattern

Herringbone can be the most challenging pattern of laying subway tiles, but it remains one of the most visually appealing ones. Over the years, people have enjoyed a tremendous visual interest in the herringbone pattern of subway tiles arranged in V-shapes. They also alternate at an angle of 45-degrees, with each end of the tile fitting into the next row. It is always such a beauty to behold. Meanwhile, designers also discovered that slightly longer tiles work better than others.

A better way to look at subway tiles arrangement is to take it according to the floor or wall space scale. For example, arranging subway tiles in the herringbone pattern for the kitchen backsplash requires a careful measurement for …

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Creating a Lasting Interior Design from Subway Tiles

It is hard to deny the simple beauty, cleanliness, neutrality and other attributes of well-laid subway tiles. Moreover, when you have them in their exceptional beauty with captivating finishing surface. This article comprises a comprehensive account of subway tiles in application to home interior designs. Nevertheless, before we discuss the modern finish, let us first see why subway tiles have become so prominent for long periods.

Why Subway Tiles Last

Subway Tiles have a Strong, Rigid, Stable and Clean

The back you give to your subway tile also has a massive role in the elongation of its life. For example, if you give it a concrete, plywood, drywall, or cementitious backer board as the substrate or backing, you can determine the strength of the tiles. In addition to the material in use, you must also ensure the surface remains solid and flat without bumps, springiness or warps, any of which may crack the tiles. Moreover, the surface of the backing should lack oil, dirt, grease, paint, adhesives or old grout.

Best Patterns do not require awkward cuts

Indeed, there are several tile patterns, including horizontal and vertical dimensions. However, none of these patterns requires maintaining the end of the walls to keep the joints uniformly. So, while shifting any of the ways in left, right, up or down directions, it still does not require awkward cuts to fit. Somewhat, you can adjust the positions of the lines or use corner trimers to reposition the bullnose edges to avoid exposed edges during the run ends.

Subway Tiles are usually flat and straight

When all the backing items are clean, smooth and well laid, you can rest assured that the tiles are straight and flat. You can get more straightness with a horizontal level line or a vertical plumb line as a guide. At the same time, do not allows any individual tile or corner to protrude beyond the surface. Then finish the field with a mould-inhibiting caulk as the tile meets adjacent surfaces, including counters, cabinets, walls and tubs.

Walls get a regular Maintenance

Ceramic tiles often need a conscious effort of cleaning, depending on the surface tile finish. However, the cleaning is not a tedious one, only that it requires consistency. For instance, you should have a non-abrasive and mild soap. In the presence of crackle finishes on the adjacent surfaces, you can tidy up the edges by sealing. The seal will help to keep water and dirt away from the surface.

Arriving at the Modern Finish using Subway Tiles

After considering why homeowners and designers choose subway tiles, let us discuss the methods of dealing with subway tiles. In other words, how can you possibly create a modern design with subway tiles? We will be discussing up to five different finishes to suit your current expectations.

Framed Focal Point

Subway tiles have a unique way of stealing the attention of your kitchen to become the focal point. For example, when creating a framed focal point in your kitchen, a good position is the cooktop and the space above the sink. Therefore, you can create this unique design through border pieces that make smaller fields for other tile sizes. In addition, you can add some particular ornamental parts of riling to enhance the area’s colour and texture in focus. Meanwhile, a backsplash area can also accommodate a floral border around each tile laid in a diamond pattern. learn more about bathroom tiles by clicking here

Create a contrasting Cap and Base

A typical design in subway tiles as part of a bathroom design is a contrasting black base. It often has a chair rail, a bullnose cap in the presence of the brightly coloured and glossy white subway tiles. You may even add a thin accent strip of a different colour to travel around the perimeter of the bathroom or kitchen. This contrasting tape pops out on the subway tiles colour. Whereas choosing a cove base tile provides a transition between floor and tiled wall that is very easy to clean.

Scatter Accents

The ornamental beauty of subway tiles is too diverse for the choice of just one. Therefore, you may want to mix up your options a little bit. …

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