Hidden Gems – KDDI’s shopping secrets in the GTA

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Favorite shopping district for condo dwellers in Toronto:  Liberty Village is a fantastic place for stylish and affordable finds for small space condo dwellers.  Shops like West Elm, Structube and EQ3 are all in close proximity and have great restaurants nearby which makes for a fun shopping day.

When looking for one of a kind hidden gems – Depending on the project and what we are looking for, I love small shops that have one of a kind pieces such as L’Atelier, Queen West Antiques and Of Things Past in Toronto.


On Budget vs carte-blanche destinations – On a budget a designer’s skill is being able to mix inexpencive items with higher end items, or pieces that just look high end.  On a budget; antique markets, the tried and true – HomeSense, hotel liquidators and even thrift stores are great places to find inexpensive pieces for your home. When we have a client that gives us a carte-blanche, Coccon Furnishings, Elte, DWR and Anthropology are our favorite retail shops.  Although with a carte blanche, we focus on offering our clients custom one of a kind pieces to create a stand out space.



Best Shopping tip – My #1 shopping tip is to always go prepared!  Make a list, take measurements and pictures of the space or item you are shopping for.  Items can be deceiving in a showroom, ask if you can try things out in your home for a day or two to ensure it is the right fit.

The design trend I am happy to embrace this year – I am glad to see the combination of warmer tones such as brass, iron, walnut and marble becoming more mainstream.  Although, I look forward to see how soft and muted pastel tones will become relevant, found in textiles and interiors this coming year.