Kitchen Lighting – A brief guideline on what you need to consider

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When designing a kitchen, lighting is an important factor and needs to be carefully considered. We put so much thought into the cabinetry, appliances and countertops it only makes sense that your kitchen needs to be properly lit to not only make it functional but also to show off all of its fabulous features.

At KDDI we light a kitchen in 3 levels. The first being the overall – pot lights, the second being – function, undercounter, and the last being accent which are your pendants over your island or highlighting other feature areas.

Pot lights are fantastic since they provide an all over glow to the room, they can be dimmed and you can get them in so many varieties, shapes, colours and sizes. LED potlights are definitely worth the expense as they have a longer life and are available to give off a warmer light. Undercounter lights are concealed under your cabinets and are typically an inexpensive florescent. We recommend a warm florescent bulb or LED rope lighting in a warm tone so you can feature nicely the items on your counters.