Mix It Up – Mixing metals in a room

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Combining different metal tones and textures is an impactful way to add drama to any space. There is a beauty and art to mixing metals. It may be a challenge for the first time mixer to get it right but at KDDI – we have a few tips which we use when mixing different metal tones in any space.

Years ago for most people it was a no – no if your light fixtures did not match your door hardware and accessories. Now it is hotter than ever to combine wonderful rich tones such as copper with oil rubbed bronze and pewter and polished nickel with brass, brushed nickel and rose gold. These two looks will add dimension and sophistication to any space.

And it doesn’t stop there; we also like to incorporate different tones of construction materials in with metal tones. Exotic woods, glass, concrete, aluminum, and acrylic substrates add depth and texture to a neutral space. Since not everyone wants to add a lot of colour to every space, playing with your metal tones and materials is a dynamic way to add interest to any space.